The Embrace of Stigma in Loki’s Marvellous Genderfluid Universe

*contains spoilers but not about Loki

I can relate to that trickster Loki (2021) somehow. He survived despite being evil and I can relate to the fact that he thinks he’s smarter than he really is… I can also relate to the fact he’s been labelled genderfluid as I change all the time and will tick any box in defiance of doctors labelling me a schizo. Criminal, mentally ill or possibly some sexually pervert… call me what you like but as Jim Morrison sang in the song The Changeling: “See me change” and it may all be going on inside my head… Thus, everyone should tick the universal genderfluid label and let the entire world be damned with one all-encompassing and yet soul saving and protecting stigma! Otherwise let’s joke about the possibilities…

“Something wonderful is going to happen,” is probably to misquote astronaut David Bowman near the ending of the movie 2010 (1984), as the Earth was acknowledged as a place and a realm of possibilities, simply because the alien presence decided to keep to themselves… and leave the Earth to its fate! Leave us alone or else, they said at the end of that film, but whether it was a complaint… Who knows, I didn’t read it in the real-world media. Keep an eye on other white glowing objects like the light in Brian Dennehy’s eyelid as he lets us in on the secret in Ron Howard’s Cocoon (1985). It’s in the water baby…

See me change…. The Changeling by The Doors
Yeah, I’ll cop that stigmatised label…. Whatever you want! Call it a grey area!!
The stigma of being a witch in WandaVision… Am I really a bad person? Is all what it seems?
Brian Dennehy in Cocoon (1985)

So, what? The new world or universe of the comic book cinematic movie universe has now come fully to life thanks to the special effects and wizardry of many thousands of creators has given children and the child within us who aren’t already spoilt philosophically and psychically beyond repair – hope and the ability to see beyond reality and into other realms. It shields the children we are against being irretrievably evil… and are you irretrievable? Or can you change before and again if it happens?

The universe is expanding and not contracting like the boffins would have us believe even if it is only the Marvel and D.C. Comics universe onto the streaming platforms and the tv screen format. Ebola hasn’t erupted yet so put on your walking shoes and get happy…

With the crossover release of the new follow-up to Thor (2011) with Tom Hiddleston as Loki as Thor’s adopted brother who shows us the possibility of being a villain one day and a hero the next and then back again…. Loki just can’t help himself! For better or worse, he has been labelled genderfluid within the terms of his binary gender… Whether he likes it or not! I guess some people don’t change, or can’t change and evolve, at least according to the press releases and the comic books for Loki and who would ever forgive him for siding with Josh Brolin’s (1968-) Thanos in an attempt to destroy or control the universe in the finale of The Avengers series… It was good clean fun.

Don’t you dare call me girly or genderfluid … or I will destroy the universe!
This is what the literature says. Some swing between both. Call it bipolar or criminal… or whatever!
Bright idea? It seems to run on fluidity! Hope springs eternal…

Everyone has a bit of Loki in them whether they like it or try to deny it… So, wear the stigma! Whatever you’ve said or done publicly in the past people have judged you and they will not change their outlook upon the label and the stigma forever attached to it! Even if you have changed the workings of your mind with new discipline. Sadly, they don’t know that and its all the more amusing to the inner Loki that the joke is on them! Add a Muttley laugh about all those deluded Dick Dartardly types who pose as beacons of morality and the opposite when all we need is possibly a good feed and a warm bed.

“Is there truly any bad or good in that grey area in between … Loki can move past decisions that he’s made in his past or will he always be defined by them?,” said actor Tom Hiddleston rather seriously in an interview on Den of Geek about the past of his character Loki and the dramatic tension within his flawed genius which makes him so damned interesting. Loki may be an often evil criminal but he’s not averse to giving his life to save the universe… We need more people like that even if they had a criminal bent… Even if it is the inner everyday Loki who wants to see their own children watch the Marvel Universe as it unfolds now on event television and into the future. Some people care about the future! And their kids not getting labelled and stigmatised. Unfortunately, only a universal label and stigma will solve the problem… So, vote for the reality of genderfluidity within the self. If you are lucky, you realise and know you suffer from it ever since you were a kid! And it doesn’t matter not even to God him or herself!

Is this woman a bad influence, or does she set men free?
Miley and Cody: Cody was aroused to become a “champion” swimmer while Liam Hemsworth wouldn’t play dress ups and escaped with his masculinity and image intact.
Protected species and the friendships in between.

The protection of the children and the opening up of their imaginations to the morality of the comic universe movies and television series as we know it is essential to their future development and happiness as adults. So, is the discussion among emerging adults about the issue of genderfluidity a universal one which unites all mankind? It is not dirty to sometimes think you actually understand the point of view of a woman or someone else of the opposite sex… Face it, fix it and forget it! Or just learn to live with the fact it is an issue for some children growing up and it may affect them for the rest of their lives… The effeminate or just plain sensitive male child sent to the butchers in days gone by to learn the reality of conformity within society may have the reverse effect for others who it affects and leads them to live a life of unhappiness and/or criminality. Just look at poor James Packer! Talk about looking for redemption in all the wrong places. He hooked up with Warren Beatty probably because he saw Heaven Can Wait as a kid and since his father Kerry Packer died and came back to life at some stage… I don’t know there’s something wrong with James and he has to trace it back to when he was happy and seventeen and get out of the family business of making money. You’ve enough to be a philanthropist for the rest of your life and do good! And give up the darned cigarettes and Twisties!

Heaven Can Wait (1978) trailer
Let it go…. James Packer today… Cut down on the meds and think your way to freedom!
Is there really a heaven? Nor guarantee. Packer and Heaven Can Wait (1978) star Warren Beatty
A young James Packer before he was sent to the butchers…
Bromance and not practising homos: James and Brett Ratner headed Hollywood company Ratpac…

There are lessons to be learnt should an alien spacecraft land in the city one day and it will be the balanced and enlightened child who can meet with these possibly friendly genderfluid aliens and joke with them … a child that has been shown that ugliness is no disability, obesity is not a disability to achieve happiness and neither is a former or future label. May we also accept that genderfluidity doesn’t necessarily mean a life pointed towards ruin or non-conformity and the acceptance of genderfluid as a universal philosophical notion may instead be the saving grace of and for a sensitive soul rather than all those other ugly options. Peer groups can kill on purpose.

Tio finally be able to judge yourself as ‘okay’ and not become just another meaningless label. It’s all meaningless… unless it unites people and families through a laugh at the possibilities of us all being genderfluid instead of fragmenting the world with further labels. No, I’m not spruiking a new religion or trying to out queer people into later killing themselves like movie stars with large Instagram accounts. The morality that good works are often rewarded and crimes are punished in reality and also subconsciously seems commonplace…and forgotten in a selfie-obsessed and vain world. Yeah, so there’s nightmares and other witchcraft… The irretrievably evil and crooked will not prosper byond their gossip… Thank you to The Avengers: Endgame (2019) for giving us hope for the planet and universe and entertaining us at the same time!

And now there is time itself which is being threatened in Loki (2021) as if anyone cares otherwise… along with the fact that who would think that accepting genderfluidity in yourself as a label could be a positive thing if you just don’t take it too seriously. It’s alright to watch a movie and think that you understand how the girl thinks in the movie, or to at least acknowledge that you can relate to how she is thinking – rather just staring at her with just sex or rape forever on your brain. Not that it’s not natural for a bit of lust. I guess some people have an ADIDAS brain or an All Day I Dream About Sex mind… I mean if we could all sympathise and listen to each other in terms of relating to the opposite sex, then we’d be living in a better world of better relationships and there would be no problems about sexuality being such a hang-up which continues to be a source of unhappiness and haunts many in the community. Or am I speaking like the Trickster Norse God Loki? The Joker of Valhalla!? Does he even care about getting laid? Life’s more fun without it!

Trickster son a God Loki…. the liar within us all is perhaps genderfluid…
Trickster in Brainscan (1994)… Don’t you sometimes feel like your brain is being scanned?
Miley and Cody…. The Joker within us all

Loki under his so-called given ‘genderfluid’ label is the box ticked and it is not male or female, it is in between or asexual… according to the literature. Think carefully before you tick boxes publicly! They will be used against you if you change your mind. The possible truth is that is it’s how you feel at the time – and that is the present!! One census for religion I put down Christian but on other occasions I have put down: Movies as my religion. Most of us have feelings which make us think and react to certain things. Show me a hot dog and I might eat it! Don’t let sadness overwhelm you and think that choosing the most stigmatised label will alleviate that sadness… It won’t. Look into yourself and your past before it is too late… Do it for the ‘right’ reason as the AC/DC album Highway to Hell hints at the implications of your inner or outer decisions. No, I’m not talking about belly buttons… But heavy metal on your headphones can’t cancel the rest of the world that doesn’t agree with you even if it is some sort of cheap and addictive shock treatment.

From watching movies today, I must admit to being genderfluid like your average bad guy turned good (maybe bad again later) and as a girly child who wore overalls one year and then a couple of years later was riding motor scooters and shooting guns as a few of us pissed in a circle around the toilet bowl. It’s just an acceptance in that there is no shame in the girly in your head or the mirror… and as a man thinking that you can understand how a woman thinks or feels sometimes.

Out walking and I heard some guy with his hip-hop music blasting from his car with the words: “We ain’t gonna suck on no beef til he’s dead!” Yes, I agree I eat beef but find the concept of such worship abhorrent but that doesn’t mean you can’t be genderfluid and as this guy in his car pointed his finger as if firing a pistol at me I could understand why meek indigenous lesbians should inherit the world!

Too Marvel-lous for words. Forget Scorsese…. or Scorsese forgot!
Ratpac made some good movies!
The genderfluid characters of the Minecraft computer game

Genderfluid doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gay parade or worse getting my balls cut off with the blessing of a doctor before the age of sixteen… it is all in my mind and if I want the freedom to allow others to label me genderfluid or others then let them, even if it’s their suggestion in the first place! It’s my dick and I’m free to use it as I please, or even not at all! But I’m bragging and there’s nothing worse in my opinion…  Others must realise their own genderfluid selves to save the world or at least laugh about their own genderfluid selves and the whole damn genderfluid world and universe!

But those who are not necessarily Loki or Thor know that the decision they have chosen is what is ‘right for you’ and it makes you constantly happy knowing you have made the right decision. There’s that Muttley laugh again at all the silly things I have said and done in the deluded past. You want the teens and children in this universe who are yet to know they are genderfluid to be aware they have the option to grow up happy and contented and ‘genderfluid/normal’ and not necessarily as something else by those who are evil enough themselves to prey on the sensitive and/or confused and cause further negative copycat behaviour and then unhappiness of the worst kind… suicidal thoughts and eternal depression. Those bastards can and will go to hell and maybe I will too.

“He’s genderfluid in the Norse mythology and the comics and it felt like an important thing to, as you say, make sure it’s canon,” said the director of the Loki tv show Kate Herron in reflection about the possibilities of being like Loki.

Yes, this movie series is the tip of the iceberg in terms of Marvel’s universe expanding and Loki as the genderfluid masculine/feminine hero who will always be controversial… and who knows, maybe he will continue to tick the genderfluid box as a joke on the rest of the world while still not really understanding the motivation of his psychopathic inner self and nature or does he? It’s only a tv show an movie character after all! Or a Norse God if you believe in such things.

When Trouble is your only Friend… Joan Armatrading’s Trouble. Oh, the tears that flowed when I saw her perform it!
Loki … I am what I am! To quote Popeye!!

If you are pushed around by people, or everyone, who are a little like Loki just because the thought in your head at the time doesn’t conform to theirs, it doesn’t mean your thoughts will never conform and be ordered… Let them have their little European protest cough or clearing of the throat if it makes them feel better. There is hope, as what happens on the outside compared to that inside yourself tells you that you can still be an individual that the world and universe may accept beyond the chains of our human existence …Yes, it helps immensely if you’re a big boy or well-endowed girl and have money! it’s just that as they say in Some Like it Hot (1959) “nobody’s perfect” and this often marks people who end up a little loco like Loki… but he is happy in his own way and we kind of love him anyway as he is part of the Marvel family! He just has to learn to live with himself if he gets any insight into the Gods possibly having to face redemption among their genderfluid selves. I don’t think he’d find another Loki just like himself… or stand living with one like himself! There may be a happy ending for Loki yet. But thinking you’re a God is not a validation for continual evil behaviour as even the gods have to answer to someone.

Loki has the Disney tick of approval and they offer us The Mauritanian in terms of the Star Wars franchise as well…. And even some poor horror movies on DVD! Otherwise try and find the well of happiness rather than the well of loneliness because it is later than you think. The horrors of this world must end one way or the other and the individual must be content within him or her or their fluid selves. Yes, my religion is movies sometimes and their mythology compares to watching the Marvel universe. They saved me!

Travis then pondered himself…
The perfect place to huddle round the inferno of a fireplace and unhappily contemplate further ill-gotten gains

The Marvel universe is rejected as cinema by directors such as Martin Scorsese who brought us the charm and understanding of Taxi Driver (1976). True the word cinema doesn’t necessarily meld with Marvel but most kids growing up in this world don’t want to watch Raging Bull (1980) as Scorsese also used ‘stooped’ to use computer technology to make his older actors look younger in his excellent Netflix movie The Irishman (2019).

The spectacles of Marvel and others may save big screen cinema yet. But huddling around the big screen Smart TV will suffice just the same.

In terms of Loki and the innocence of children who are brought up to accept one another before they are labelled, I am reminded of when I was about six years old at school and we asked each other what we wanted to be when we grew up. I can’t remember what I said, it was either a fireman or an astronaut… I certainly didn’t want to grow up to be a mental illness! I remember a young freckle faced kid named Dean, who wasn’t the most handsome boy in the school, who told us, without a hint of irony, that he wanted to grow up and be a “robber.” We didn’t judge this – perhaps we laughed – his answer wasn’t stigmatised and adults would today have immediately initiated psychiatric treatment and an intervention from his family but perhaps it was already too late… He had already been brought up among the butchers and the results of such treatment which does help some young boys and men face the reality of a world where you had to learn to survive to fulfill your career or artistic aspirations. Otherwise, there are certainly a lot of legitimate career opportunities around the world which deal in legalised robbery … James Packer, please go back to movie making!

This stigmatised planet in our solar system where genderfluid aliens laugh together in unison about the world and to quote a Jimi Hendrix song: “Those people are so uptight they sure know how to make a mess” could one day turn up in a cartoonish looking spaceship and upon landing I won’t be scared to go and say hello as we accept our genderfluid differences as well as know the joke is on all the people who don’t accept the Deans or Jokers or Lokis in their family or in this world. I guess it’s better than swapping bodily fluids certainly if you’re related! Anyway, I still live in hope of sharing bodily fluids one way or the other…

No-one Here Gets Out Alive! Escape from the Prison Planet by Clutch from Escape from L.A. (1996)
For all the Deans in the world…

I wonder what happened to Dean sometimes as I left that school when we moved way after some kid threatened to put my eye out with a burnt stick… What if his home situation had been one of caring and his intelligence was instead filled with the wonder of the Marvel universe and the robot of a Smart TV or a phone instead of only the choice of a life bent on crime? Perhaps such children can only identify with a criminal character like Loki and the reality he is possibly not universally genderfluid at least in his own mind despite his other stigmatised labels. The character of Loki may help some teenagers learn there is a right and wrong and there is also a possibly genderfluidity within all of us and its misinterpretation or denial could lead to a life of ruin. The point being that genderfluid is not to be confused necessarily as a marker or a definition of sexuality! The fluid is warm blood within us all and it will cease flowing at some stage… be happy by your major life decisions in the meantime. ‘One and all’ is the old Celtic and Cornish saying from centuries past and it resonates with me in terms of genderfluidity, along with the fact a distant relative centuries ago was arrested for bestiality possibly with a sheep. Such is the stigma and rash decisions in terms of lust and loneliness for some but I’m not sure about genderfluidity in sheep…

The criticism is possibly that mainstream cinema continues to reaffirm mainstream behaviour and conformity. Yet, there may be exceptions to the rule in the way we may think. Anarchy or rebellion in the mind can be fun otherwise for that momentary ‘quick whip’ if you’re so inclined, or if you blank out, but you beware the appearance of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as he appeared in Dan Ackroyd’s mind in the original film of Ghostbusters (1984)!!… and beware being under the influence of unsavoury people on the internet and neighbouring ‘mediums’ who may influence your unknowingly while others catch you unawares insidiously in the end by creating long-term unhappiness, haunting nightmares and heart arrythmia in the wake of marshmallow addiction at midnight or 3am in the morning… But I’m raving about something a cold shower would certainly cure. In the end it is what you see rather than what you’re looking at – and that goes for staring at people in public… Enough! As I hear them ‘say spare me your morality’! But it’s the road to a possibly uninterrupted inner resistance to the depression that is associated with ennui and the associated eternal deliverance form that misguided ennui. Otherwise, I have to go to the toilet as I’m full of it…

Just another Marvel show… to be continued!
Muttley and those dastardly deluded…
Please don’t hurt me … I’m genderfluid and don’t know it yet! Or you don’t know it yet!!

Loki and his dramatic story will continue as the Marvel world splinters or comes further together under Disney as we follow our favourite and new comic book heroes both good and evil, flawed genii that many are… as we mix together with the religion and mythology of entertainment within ourselves and on the screen.

The fact that Marvel movies are ‘not cinema’ according to the award-winning Scorsese is underlined by the fact it is now on streaming platforms as the crossover continues to sweep the planet…Who cares if Marvel doesn’t win awards? Scorsese is a bit of a snob. I bet Travis Bickle likes Marvel despite eventually having read The Razor’s Edge to the end.

Time is of the essence and this planet is robbing itself of time just as citizens rob and exploit the less fortunate of it… Are ‘aliens’ robbing our planet of time as it is suggested in this new Loki series? Is it possible? Just watch John Carpenter’s They Live (1988) if you’re a conspiracy theorist! Or simply turn off Disney and go for a nature walk instead.

In the meantime, sort yourself from those who care, and I don’t mean those who only care for themselves and their next orgasm, and help understand those who are confused by the notion of past labels by accepting the essentially universal idea and idyll of genderfluidity that may set everyone free at least in their own viewing minds for momentarily! By now, it should be the remote in the palm of your hand… leading the way and not those undisciplined thoughts sent to undermine you and cause you to be labelled forever in the minds of other people who want to keep you unhappy just to alleviate their own corruption and associated depression. Loki, you’re a tricker but no loser… See me change! Ahem.

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