David Bowie’s Revenge for Gaslight (1944) in the AC/DC war of The Prestige (Part Two)

In terms of the tontine of Gaslight and the revolution against the union of toxic ‘gas-lighters’ in your neighbourhood or otherwise and the survivor is Angela Lansbury (1925-). She turned up in Brisbane nearly a decade ago and gave us a rendition of Driving Miss Daisy with the voice of Darth Vader of Star Wars James Earl Jones (1931-). Take that mother f*ckers for what you did she said kind of tenderly to any locals who approached her on the street following her bows on stage. She knows the reality of the ‘gaslight’ problem and how ‘they’ will be punished in the long run even if Angela was only a slip of a working girl in the 1944 Gaslight movie and a villain to boot.

Yes, ladies said Lansbury, don’t get gaslit by men, money grubbers or old flames and don’t enter into the bonds of holy matrimony unless you really want children or you truly have retained or regained your true love. Poor Ingrid, if only she stuck to her art rather than let herself get ‘gaslit’ and by her own friend/psychiatrist/family/community and lose her way … Oh, it was just a bit of fun, usually for monetary gain.

Tesla and The Prestige and the local church…
The local priest took advantage of the faith of my friend Hazel and she got bilked! She also got dealt palliative care while not actually dying.
Legal and illegal drugs were dealt to this poor neighbourhood boy and it killed him
I understand God struck this parish by lightning while a ‘priest’ implicated in the Ballarat cases used Hazel’s unit for a luxury home… All remain nameless but they know who they are.

That city that lost power all those years ago is revisited by the unbaptised son whose fish was murdered as a prelude to a long and sinister game of subterfuge which seems to thrill those that ‘gaslight’ as they know they can get away with it … up to a point. Since Big Brother has been watching you along with the fact you are hung in your closet by your wives and girlfriends. Another Act Ends…

And that leads to me briefly looking at the film Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) which my mother took me and my sisters to see together as we were drawn by that character out of Fierce Creatures known as my father to live in Brisbane and leave behind our previous city and home. Young Sherlock Holmes is a movie where ‘the game is afoot’ and I am reminded of the foolish time I engaged a ring of criminals to clean my unit and carpets. Sadly, a creature of habit, I left the house and was fleeced by these people including a certificate of merit which one worked admired. They wanted to know what was in the big hope chest or were forever after the egg of Ready Player One (2018) but met with disappointment.

They were bitterly disappointed since the treasure will always be within myself but my faith in humanity was shaken and led to further seemingly ingrained unhappiness and a belief I was mentally ill. Yes, they were watching and waiting this web of criminals and their union of associates… and gaslighting was only a part of their old ways. As I tossed away my life in my bedroom unable to find true love once again…

Poison Arrows by Mike Oldfield
“If only” they all laughed…

Instead of a blackout, today we suffer a lockdown in Brisbane and I write this a day after my latest ‘gaslighting’ episode of the light being turned on in my bedroom which seems to have triggered the lockdown by the state government and indeed a country unprepared… and being gas-lighted by politicians and the media…

Perhaps I’m imagining it all, just like The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) or The Nutty Professor (1996) with its unflattering sequel The Klumps (2000) about loving an older woman and giving her what she wanted in terms of sex. I think the joke at home is called: “If Only” and it gets funnier every year among the guild of ‘gas-lighters’ obsessed with me making it with a rockmelon on the dark web. But I’m raving madly….

“She died in an asylum with no brain at all,” said Boyer the gas-lighter amusedly to himself to his wife as he didn’t show the true saintly nature of those caring for children at home in their 30s in a vegetative state and changing their nappies. I met this lovely guy at a Grow meeting and his name was Ken and he was no gas-lighter.

Anyway, the content of this blog is ‘sh*t’ according to a connected family gas-lighter in the neighbourhood as I dared to speak back behind his back leading to the lightbulb moment in my bedroom – and I don’t mean a stroke of genius – as through pure divination I revealed the guilty association in my neighbourhood where my family and the miscellaneous union of gas-lighters live.

Joy Division perform Transmissions… Love that test pattern!
Can you hear me Alpha …

Back to Young Sherlock Holmes and it is about a secret society which thrives on making a ring of a person and shooting poison arrows – just like an unexpected comment or nasty jibe you can’t believe a person would make – like “you black c*nt” which I was told once… To punch or not to punch, to pee or not to pee… It is a poison arrow of curare in terms of nastiness which can affect the mind of children and possibly plant the seed of self-destruction or madness. In this movie curare is symbolic of the evil backbiting comment but are actually poison arrows which are tipped with poison and used by the evil ‘foot’ to induce hallucination and suicide by misadventure. It’s just a part of the mystery of Scanners (1981) and a metaphor for gaslighting.

Young Sherlock Holmes is a Steven Spielberg Presents movie and there is an opening scene where a man is driven mad in Victorian England pre-The Current War of AC/DC – electricity and the spark of genius – and all that as jets of gaslight consume him mentally and in his bedroom which cause him to jump from a great height all due to the hypnotic power of suggestion. Yeah, been there… won’t go back no matter how much you gas-light. But such is the power of curare when spiked in your food or drink and/or at a bar. It doesn’t pay to have an open and sensitive mind, although I probably deserved it… But should I suffer a lifetime at the hands of such people? Unforgiven Australia is what it says on the menu of my Clint Eastwood DVD movie. Thanks Clint!

You met Chuck… the rest is for Scott!
Are you sleeping with a gaslight type…
Let me tell you about the birds and the bees…

The aspect of curare being a possible reality in terms of the psychic realm is nodded to by the fact Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930 heart attack) created Sherlock Holmes and possibly understood its concept in terms of gas-lighting but later in life had himself gas-lighted as he imagined he saw fairies at the bottom of the garden – see FairyTale: A True Story (1997) with Peter O’Toole. Otherwise known as the birds and the bees. Conan Doyle then went onto see clairvoyants to contact his late wife… One rap for yes and two no?

The effect of the poison arrow or psychic curare on a ten-year-old seemed to drive me mad as the word ‘circumcidere’ went round and round endlessly in my mind, repeating itself as if someone was divining it to be there. It almost drove me mad enough to scream until I made a plea to God to save my unbaptised self from these demons of the mind. “Please let it stop,” I said and then ‘It’ ceased and shortly afterward semen began to leak from my loins and I could release the demons thorough onanism and sex until the age of 23 when morality and responsibility is made accountable of the individual and those who are two/too bats to settle down are dealt their schizophrenia in terms of curare and gas-lighting.

The Leader of the Pack deals drugs while others drink iced coffee: “I met him at the candy store…”
“It’s a trick,” said someone missing from Planet Spon!
Some Enchanted Evening… the deadly curare used in Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

I wanted to write but instead I was stigmatised. I didn’t ultimately identify as gay no matter how much they tried to set me up in their minds and Carly was obsessed with me as I was dying of indigestion. Now my gut is enlightened by The Ministry of Love and I learnt the truth of the real rats in Room 101. Or next door… The reality of the horror movie Scanners begins as a child for some.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?,” asks someone of Young Sherlock Holmes.

“I never want to be alone,” he responds.

One of the stars of Young Sherlock Holmes and in a villainous role is Earl Rhodes (1962-) who was in a Nazi Germany episode of Brit kid’s series The Tomorrow People – remade in America as Jumper (2008) – as well as the neo-Nietzschean leader of a group of perverse young intellectual boys in the forgotten Kris Kristofferson (1936-) nugget The Sailor Who Fell from the Sea (1976). It shows how evil people can live with a disrespect of their fellow humans upon the rejection of God in their inner selves. They are the ultimate murdering gaslight society…

Young Sherlock Holmes has men in frocks sending their curare on a collision course… While Gaslight was more your everyday household type of gaslighting, Young Sherlock Holmes brings the whole conspiracy to life as gas-lighting of myself becomes a thing of the past as way back when I was 23 years old, I told my family I was bisexual when really it would today be called pansexual as I dreamed to write. Whatever. A premeditated sexual liaison with an uncut queer and a gay cut boy both well over the age of consent had told me by bi-curious self was sated and that was enough. I was and am whatever you want to label as I’ll tick any box just for fun. Call me schizophrenic or David Bowie’s uncle!

Where only the best will do… The Apartment (1960)
Alone forever with your gaslighting cronies… see this 1927 comedy!
Poor Anthony Perkins died of AIDS…
Vera Miles gaslights in Psycho 2 (1983) directed by Australian Richard Franklin

The old guard can’t let go of the notion of AC/DC being linked to the notion bisexuality and thus you are driven insane and labelled mentally ill and never to be forgiven by latently homosexual gaslight types who gather to admire their own power in their little part of the world… Well, It’s a big world now and not a small one in terms of justice being served and injustice being dealt in terms of being hung in the closet. I never believed the closet really existed which is the key to my current enlightenment. I don’t pose for other men as I am not interested and I’m not worth looking at anyway. End another Act.

Now for my rant about the gaslight men being forever locked into a pose in their closets unable to make a connection which the average nerd can make with others. Yes, I am also on the spectrum… Sadly, the gaslight man has been left behind in the Portaloo or stuck at home and they may be laughing in terms of getting laid as well as laying a brick for a fortune. Hopefully the evil gaslight generation will be locked in their closet unenlightened until the devil claims you.

You were warned… for good reason!
I’ve been dealt them already!
I bought the extended mix! It’s a worry!

Yes, I am hanged by the foot in my closet according to those who believe in that old concept and the bad forces that exist physically and that invade my home and private personal space – they have interfered to the point where I am naked but I have always been since you stripped me of all my dignity. I now have a different point of view and yet I am straight whereas the gaslight man in a family unit will go Straight to Hell (1987). Those with their criminal fixation upon me belong to the conspiracy of QAnon and its Republican delusion in the capital known as Washington – or as my father and his best friend business partner once joked there is a Washington AC and DC. I remained confused and yet believed them as they both laughed. Later when I was twelve and I was caught red handed by a lesbian type in the shower at the local shack, well, you know… Anyway, my father’s friend used curare behind my back and began my neurosis with the poison arrow of: “You’ll go blind.”

Now to sound like Matthias in the family, the gaslight men of the neighbourhood are trapped in their closets like Charlton Heston was in The Omega Man (1971) and they must suffer the moral vacuum within for their criminality… and to choose another Aussie novel and movie title For the Term of His Natural Life (also a miniseries from 1983) which was originally made into a movie in 1927 when a tall ship was loaded with millions of feet of flammable film and set alight. The past history of Australia erased in a flaming moment. The miniseries of the 1980s starred Anthony Perkins of Psycho fame but that’s another story about a man not amounting to a hill of beans… as well as gaslighting in the sequel.

Starman by David Bowie after The Man who Sold the World album
Today’s secret handshake is …
Gaslighting has destroyed too many lives… start the conversation!
Actor Earl Rhodes made a warning to everyone…
A warning from the past becomes hope for the future…

Yes, my blog is shit, or as Bette Davis remarked possibly about this latest article: “What a dump!” in Beyond the Forest (1949) – as I was told on more than one occasion by a family member.

‘What a dump’ was a line penned by Lenore J. Coffee (1896-1994) who was an early feminist writer who said of Hollywood: “They’ll pick your brains, break your heart, ruin your digestion – and what do you get for it? Nothing but a lousy fortune.” She lived a long life and proved the notion of who needs king cock in a woman’s world. Go girl! Form a political party, there’s no sign of intelligence in power at the moment.

“The party is forever,” is a quote from one of the executive leaders in the police state of 1984 (BBC tv movie 1950s) which maybe a joke by George Orwell (1903-50 tuberculosis) about drinking and smoking. I remember my grandfather once again when he told me he met Wilfred Brambell (1912-85 cancer) in a pub in London and spoke to him briefly. It is interesting because in this version of the book Brambell is inside a pub with Peter Cushing as Winston. Urban legend… for me anyway…

“Julia and the leaves turn from green to brown…” to quote a preferred song from the Eurythmics soundtrack to 1984 (1984) which wasn’t used in the movie instead of the song Sex Crime which was the hit single. For the love of Big Brother and the acceptance of the discipline of the Ministry of Love… I shall now press the button and flush as I think that I am free of you now – the gas-lighters – and leave you behind as in my head I know that I am still sober enough to see four fingers and not five… as the gas-lighters said. And as Orwell’s 1984 comes to pass, those in charge of the country watch just before Oceania as it was known in the novel slipped into the ocean like Atlantis and Australia adopt its climate change refugees.

Why would one man want to marry another man Jack Lemmon is asked in Some Like it Hot: “Security” replies Lemmon about gas-lighting among other things.

A footballer who I do respect… Jacko back in the day singing I’m an Individual. Didn’t buy the single.
Some Like it Hot (1959) photograph. The Apartment followed.
Angela Lansbury as Miss Marple
“I am the eye in the sky looking at you. I can cheat you blind.”

Then there’s my old high school friend Tim from the Planet Spon as opposed to the Isle of Mons (Denmark beat Wales in the footy) who told me once that his mother once cut her pubic hair into the shape of a heart. It sounds inviting and may save the average gas-lighter in terms of rekindling love and trust if he wants to imagine it for a moment in time. “How exciting,” said Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple at the prospect of her juices once again starting to flow. And those with a bad case of yellow fever and unable to get to Phuket this year may enjoy the fact that the Deputy Leader of Australia got fined $200 for not wearing a mask at a filling station. Another dumb politician with possible gaslight connections caught by the police state of Big Brother. I got a fine for doing 67 down a hill in a 60 zone. Hell, they’ve got to pay the bills somehow. That number 67 again. It’s a worry. That eye in the sky watching in terms of cameras and its ability to deep fake.

Finally, with several gas-light experts in my family, one criminally so, I feel sometimes myself like Charlton Heston as he hides in his “honky paradise” and remember the thrill of shaking his hand at a book launch at the same time. It’s a consolation prize for times when the present can get you down along with the lacklustre state of current movies themselves. How dysfunctional is your family? Divide and conquer… the money is irresistible! You only have to follow the still beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis to realise that Knives Out (2019) is more than a Miss Marple movie starring Angela Lansbury named The Mirror Crack’d (1980). I remember going to see the film and being embarrassed that Rock Hudson (1925-85) played a character named Jason. I sank red-faced in my chair as I knew about him even at twelve years old but didn’t know just how dirty he was by infecting his lovers with AIDS.

Gaslight (1944) trailer
Is this advertisement for real?
Struck by lightning! David Bowie RIP.

“It’s a trick!,” says Matthias losing his unmedicated temper in The Omega Man and he may be talking about what is known in that current war movie as The Prestige. Anyway, if you get told “No” or to ‘go ‘f*ck yourself’ by your partner like Grant Hackett did, try not to overturn the grand piano and chew the scenery and instead have a moment where something pops inside your head/closet. And drop dead… Gas-lighter!

But it could all be the invisible alien in my unit turning on the lights and killing Dante the fish as the state police let their siren rip as they pass by while I write this in what I hope is a sign they are now an incorruptible force as they let me know with a ‘dead ring’ they know who are the renegade gas-lighters/invisible aliens… And the council workmen left out of the loop were under orders to make as much noise possible on the road outside with a jackhammer – until the female kindergarten teachers next door let rip. Some people are oblivious of their actions while others don’t care. And I go on and on… about legends and forgotten ones. Thank you for the test pattern of the Ministry of Love!

Further, The Prestige is David Bowie’s final act in terms of being an ‘Avenger’ for his schizophrenic family members who he grew up and saw suffer under the gaslight regime of others and curare in its different forms.

Dustin Hoffman nailed it in Tootsie (1982)
Hello, nice to see you’re not toxicly masculine… or gaslighting at the moment!
Get your act together! Are you statesmen or gaslighters!
Bowie’s last photo shoot…
Kurt wanted a son…

And finally, “Shame on you!,” as the cross-dressing ‘Toot-sie’ (1982) stuck back upon being sexually harassed and hung in the toot as the miscellaneous union of gaslight or ‘the foot’ is hung in their closets and toot forever – those hungry vaginas, those passive aggressive penis and vaginas and just plain dicks – and, hopefully not hanging upside-down until they are enlightened…. The Pentagon as opposed to an evil catholic pentagram! You are gone or will be gone and forever ‘tuh’ (spitting sound) – quick slurping spittle sound optional – as the power of Ent and Big Brother deal you karma! V for Vendetta (2005) and game over. Bring on the gremlins… And I’m sounding like Matthias again at the end of The Omega Man…

The gas-lighter element is now the alien and enemy within us and society as those who know the tricks of his/her gas-lighting trade recognise how he/she has ruined the lives of many… including myself. May a web form among those who turn their backs on the gas-lighter as hold hands and form their own ring and help those who have suffered as they become an integral part of society again like the children they once were. Turn you back on the known gas-lighter and embrace the human being/gut alien inside us all and let its seed flourish and heal. David Bowie would have like that! Tee-hee (with irony)!

And so, your local Wizard of the Over-Zealous rings Double Plus Good and Un-Good to quote The Eurythmics again from 1984. Long live the Ministry of Love test pattern and put an end to dumb people inhabiting and running the country/cunt-tree. In your dreams, the gas-lighters say. And Viola! I’m totally insane!

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