What is a cult movie?

Untitled designAs I set out to write this blog, I guess I have to ask this question. But those who like cult films, or have cult films of their own, already know the answer.

It’s those films which we connect with, no matter what the critics say… films which we claim as our own, whether we are watching them as a single, a couple, or as a group – even an audience.

A cult film maybe a great movie, a bad movie, or a godawful movie… but never an indifferent movie. It is one where the filmmakers captured something special, either purposefully or accidentally.

Yours may range from ginormous budgeted movies like the Star Wars or Marvel franchises, it may be Pretty Woman, it may even be the forgotten grade-Z no-budget movie Manos: The Hands of Fate!

Manos: The Hands of Fate and Captain Marvel

It depends on your taste, your sense of humor and if your mind is open to new experiences.

It’s a movie we love and don’t mind watching again and again.

How this blog develops I don’t know… perhaps I will lose interest. I hope not since film has been an all-consuming passion of mine since I was weaned off Sesame Street.

And you may not always agree with me.

But I will try to give fun and concise meaty discussion, some personal, others critical in loose essay form on movies and people which are key to the cult experience, ranging from the mainstream and new to the old and obscure. It will also be for existing cult fans as well as the uninitiated.

I am not a PhD (I had to look it up how to spell it!) but did in my 20s work in film production as a gofer, film distribution as a clerk and exhibition as an usher. I am also a journalist. I was occasionally bullied at school and have suffered personal tragedy in my life. I have stared depression in the eye
and finally seen it disappear. But I don’t pretend to be anything but… a movie fanatic.

Of course, I will be indebted to the many sources of interviews and biographies I have accessed over the years as well as internet databases I consider to be fact and not just gossip and hearsay.

Enough waffle… let’s talk movies!


  1. Albert Stern

    I’m enjoying your blog. I look forward to watching some of the movies you recommend.

  2. Dallas Rantz

    I’ve read several good stuff here. Cеrtainly
    ρrice bookmarking for revisiting. I ѡonder how muсh effort yoս ѕеt to maҝe this type of excellent informative website.

  3. Isabel

    Ԍood post. I learn something totally neԝ and challenging
    ᧐n blogs I stumbleupon оn ɑ daily basis.
    Ιt’s alᴡays helpful to reaⅾ articles fгom otһer authors and practice ɑ lіttle something
    from their websites.

  4. Lisa

    What I love about movies is that we all have such difference experiences. To this day I still get scared with Alfred Hitchcock movies. We laugh, we cry, we connect…it brings back memories.
    Thanks for starting this up


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