My Cult Movie: I Don’t Know Why you Watch that…

*contains spoilers

‘night Mother’ (1986) Poster

Name: Jan
Age: 65
Occupation: Retired Admin Officer
Favorite Movie: ‘night Mother (1986)
Starring: Sissy Spacek and Anne Bancroft
First Saw It: On VHS in the 80s at home with a previous partner

Plot: Based on the Pulizer Prize-winning play, it tells of a middle aged woman who tells her mother she plans to commit suicide that very day. Drama unfolds as her mother tries to talk her out of it and we learn the real reasons behind her decision leading to an unavoidable climax.

Jan says: I’m fascinated by suicide but this movie never depresses me. I could watch it once a week and still get pleasure. Most suicides are spur of the moment but in this movie Sissy Spacek has had enough and has made a choice because she has epilepsy and other reasons. I think people who commit suicide are really brave… or mad. Those who do it selfishly to hurt others aren’t brave. We all have the right to choose how we die. The acting is incredible. If they weren’t brilliant you’d turn it off halfway. Nobody could do it better than Spacek and Bancroft. My partner says: Why do you watch that shit!? Those words at the end make me shiver: “‘night Mother “.

‘night Mother’ Trailer

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