My Cult Movie: “Why did you make me watch this?…”

*contains spoilers

Name: Sienna Age: 14
Occupation: High School Student
Favourite Movie: My Girl (1991)
Starring: Anna Chlumsky, Macauley Culkin, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Ackroyd

First Saw It: With her grandmother on DVD one night on the couch aged ten or eleven.

Plot: A coming of age story of a young girl living in suburban Pensylvania in 1972. It tells of the ups and downs of growing up without a mother and the strong friendships she makes.

The My Girl poster

Sienna Says: It’s such a sweet story and it’s not very predictable. It’s the first movie that really made me cry. I find movies that make me cry are really well done because I am not an easy crier. The build-up to the death at the end was good with all the sweet scenes before that. I like how the story told about how it affected the girl. It was such good acting by her for such a young age. It was my first sad movie and I cried for 45 minutes. I said to my Nonny: “Why did you make me watch this?” and I watched it again a week later. I’ve seen it about four times. The funeral at the end… I don’t know how to say it… but at the funeral it’s just so convincing… the moment with the boy’s glasses… It was well written. I watched My Girl 2 once – it’s not as good but it wasn’t bad. She still had the ring it that movie. I love sad movies. I feel movies that make you cry… you remember them. It’s all about how it makes you feel and the full effect of the movie.

My Girl (1991) trailer

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