My Cult Movie: “… It’s still got the power to shock”

* contains spoilers

Name: Cameron
Age: 59
Occupation: Former Pay Clerk
Favourite Movie: Psycho (1960)
First Saw It: I was seventeen on tv at home
Starring: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin and Martin Balsam

Plot: Director Alfred Hitchcock adapts the novel by Robert Bloch which was based on the life of killer Ed Gein as murders happen at the Bates Motel run by a strange young man named Norman and his mother Mrs Bates.

Psycho (1960) poster

Cameron Says: I have seen this movie six times. No matter how many times you see it, it’s still got the power to scare you. Even though you know what’s coming up – it’s still got the power to shock. The acting is excellent and I like Janet Leigh the best because she played the role of the victim well. Anthony Perkins was superb. I thought he played the phobias realistically and elicited a degree of sympathy. I’m a big Hitchcock fan. His ability to create suspense was unrivalled and it was always understated too, which I loved. I think the black and white photography adds to it as the images are really sharp and stand out. The shower scene is remarkable. I love when her hand pulls the shower curtain down – that was fantastic. I thought Mrs Bates was a living person when I first saw it and the fear when Perkins walked through the house dressed as Mrs Bates was palpable. I haven’t seen the sequel but I hear it’s quite good. I’ll have to catch up with it one of these days. The music – take the shower scene for example – the sharp staccato sound matched the sound of the knife – it was beautifully done. And when Janet Leigh was driving the car away with the money from the robbery, the lights of the oncoming cars were stabbing her like it was a prelude of her being a victim later on. And at the end when they are dredging up the car… it was like they were dredging up the past and that told us that Norman Bates would never be released. The skull superimposed on his face at the end was very intriguing.

Psycho (1960) trailer

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