The Cult of Pagan Ritual in The Wicker Man (1973) Part Two

*contains spoilers

I’ll move over to the sequel to The Wicker Man and that is The Wicker Tree (2011) which was directed by the same man who was Robin Hardy (1929-2016). He is a man who perhaps piqued the interest of the barman as to what is under a Scotsman’s kilt with this movie while Woodward instead enforced the rule of law and ended up crying out in vain and quoting the Bible as fire consumes him in the end. Our souls perhaps returning to the centre of the Earth… Not/knot/no May Day or maypoles for me Woodward cried in vain as he died quoting scripture just like my neighbour Hazel did as she was given the last rites as she was hoodwinked into the grave… The good thing being is that if there is a ‘heaven’ Woodward and Hazel will be made a king and queen for their good intentions. Nothing’s impossible. Otherwise, I heard today a cashier in a major supermarket lament that all they had was “the thing up there” in terms of surveillance and not a God who holds ‘the whole thing’ in their hands… Otherwise dismissed as Godzilla/God’siller. Sounds a bit ‘odd’ doesn’t it? But its part of that schizophrenia of God not being in the room and becoming aware of the Ministry of Love…

Honeysuckle Weeks (right) in Foyle’s War
Honeysuckle Weeks at home
Honeysuckle Weeks in The Wicker Tree (2011)
Read the book of Revelations in Part Three…

I hope self-censorship and censorship in this ‘Brave New World’ will let the ‘initiated’ teenagers turn up for the odd Wicker Man or May Day celebrations with an enlightened attitude of peace rather than just the façade of brute force and toxic masculinity … Otherwise known as burning the house down with a skeleton key and accelerant by your local gas-lighting crew… “in your neighbourhood!” as the Monty Python crew sang about in the Meaning of Life about “every sperm is sacred” and all that hypocrisy. Some tradies earn far too much money in the rackets within the workplace.

Back to The Wicker Tree and it is a continued love of certain actresses that have an inner beauty and/or inner light that often crossover in this world of Netflix from tv to movies and back again… In this case it is a horror movie crossover and a celebration of Honeysuckle Weeks (1979-) instead of the Jane/Jayne that was dangled in front of me… Yes, Jeff Hunter (1926-69 drunken fall?) is beautiful in King of Kings/I Was a Teenage Christ (1961) but I was never compelled or even thought to sodomise him… It’s got something to do with design and style and photography along with acting yourself in the Garden of Allah… It’s also about not really giving/having a toss in front of young children and celebrating your own priapism naturally without guilt. Cryptic, eh!

Monty Python perform Every Sperm is Sacred
Not/knot in the Garden of Allah!
No delusions of grandeur: Post-WW2 British PM Clement Attlee

But there’s a moral there somewhere. I think Jim Morrison took his out on stage and got arrested for wondering what it looked like under the spotlight and he probably wasn’t wearing underpants… And to cut a long story short I prefer to look at Honeysuckle Weeks as I grow older and wiser and understand myself a bit more. For the finale and big reveal see Part Three.

‘All you’ll sing is Bits & Pieces’, some older woman in a doctors’ surgery waiting room sang to me, to which I replied under my breath ‘go nibble Nobbys nuts’ to which a young woman behind the reception counter said after a delayed drop and the woman collected herself and sat down: “I like the sound of that”. Ventriloquism with a Covid mask instead of the spectre of Hugo in Dead of Night (1945) telling me “You’re finished… Finished!” Yes, I even got insulted by my old friend as I got too excited and happy for her 70th and she said I had been dealt my AC/DC via her talk of a train journey and a cyclone named Agatha… Just another straight talker leading me up the garden path or to the town dump! Talk about myself as the man who fell to Earth for a moment! Sadly, she is mentally ill and was ill-treated and suffered much misfortune in her life. The ingrained ways of the past cannot be erased in some and they must be pitied. But I’m going on when I must get to the point.

Honeysuckle Weeks is remembered as the seemingly plain Sam in the excellent British tv series Foyle’s War. I had a massive crush on her and it’s great they dealt her the opportunity to show herself naked and in full blossom beyond the buttoned-up Miss Marple set of her tv show… Foyle’s War showed a decent detective during World War Two solve cases with Weeks as his assigned driver… and it showed the emergence of the socialist Putney-born British PM Clement Attlee (1883-1967 in sleep) in the wake WW2 and for whom my paternal grandfather voted for before he migrated to Australia and who was then hung in the toilet by his union mates for being a Pommy despite his socialist beliefs. He too was a Freemason and identified as R.C. according to his surviving World War Two army papers when he served behind the lines in Italy. I’ve still got his British army pocket knife my grandmother gave me somewhere. Emphysema killed him. To mention Attlee again and he said that he believed in the ethics of Christianity but not the ‘mumbo jumbo’ and when asked a question about his agnosticism would remark like my poor paternal grandfather: “I don’t know.”

It’s called something else in a different state of mind. The alternate title of The Wicker Man (1973).
The Dryad or Tree Nymph for Ent/for rent

The Wicker Tree uses Honeysuckle as the beautiful centrepiece as an apparently sexually motivated and active nymph cum succubus who wants to see the local cop’s “tanned body” without his shorts … and sate his sexual desires.

The Wicker Tree has an American AC/DC alternate title which is Cowboys for Christ as it shows the schizophrenia across the Pacific and the Atlantic in terms of many blinkered Christians unable to see or ever possibly grasping the concept of the druids and its nature-based society/religion. It remains a part of the US Christian identity as a nation of colonists and xenophobes that they collectively reject change. Will they ever embrace their own latent multiculturalism and collective social conscience and finally forget they only ‘discovered’ America. Such is the Christian patriot. Many also delude themselves with the business of organised religion that they discovered the Bible as if it really was ‘holy’ and not just words of wisdom to be interpreted differently to enlighten the individual. Others discovered sex. And yet, the whole topic and the culture clash is exposed just as much as dear young Honeysuckle’s delightful torso in The Wicker Tree. Yes, I’m a dirty old druid!

Doomwatch (1972) trailer… What the hell is that?!
A few have been burned… including underage worshipers and trusting old crones

In this film, we have the hypocrisy of born-again Christianity along with the attendant bonds of holy matrimony as a conventional lifestyle … something which used to trouble me.

In this movie we have a ‘born-again’ celebrity who would like to have a new public image along with her new attitude of not singing slutty songs such as: “Married a queer/Come pick me up in your white pick-up truck…” or something. It was not a hit on Christian radio stations… but I’m sure their children saw in on MTV or Rage and whatever Britain’s equivalent is today.

Anyway, Beth Boothby as she is called is set up with a new man at her local Baptist or Penta-cost church. I’ve known men who use these churches as meat markets such is the basic philosophy of Christ and all that. Then Beth is sent to Scotland for penance and knock door to door to save souls… In other ‘words’ you’re born again now piss off! With her kind of hypocritical partner who is a cowboy named Steve she hopes to erase the stigma of her life in America despite the fact the media in Britain are playing her old slutty film clip… The whole world’s a stage!  Oh, the shame of it all… and she’s a born-again virgin too!

Meanwhile Sir Lachlan Morrison is the laird in charge of the local idle rich Scottish rural social set … and they like to burn Christian pretenders to the throne of goodness which they and call Laddy/Laddie. Go Laddy go!

Yes, this evil character of Sir Lachlan who is in charge of some power conglomerate that has poisoned the water table through nuclear power and left all the women in the community infertile should also be known as Lord Slimy and is perhaps symbolic of wealth and power in England as it also throws in an element of Doomwatch and the atomic Windscale fire which was echoed in the Aussie movie The Chain Reaction (1980) ….

The film shows how a community will prey on the cult of celebrity while it reminds us that the stigma of the titled/billionaire in terms of sex crime or lewd behaviour in the media is universal right down to the ‘smallest’ rapist and child sodomite – and slutty singer. You may be called born again but you have to realise that people within the congregation will still talk while those that pick up their latest marriage and perhaps true love in terms of premeditated sexual conquest to take back to the privacy of your own home. Stay there and don’t go back as The Wicker Tree shows how ‘good’ reputations and ‘good’ communities can hide evil plans despite good intentions… and that paganism can be subverted and perverted by the media and within social circles… in the name of God! It’s a pretty interesting exploitative concept.

The essential listening of The Spy or was that The Man from UNCLE?
Well, ask yourself this question very carefully…
“Room for one more” said Miles Malleson in a hearse in Dead of Night (1945)

As we live in a world where billionaires plan to sell multimillion dollar tickets to their friends on planned space flight for those who can afford it rather than help the community at grass roots … It all seems a bit wrong. Sir Lachlan’s wife tells Beth: “You mean that Intelligent people believe, like you … that those people not born again will bleed to death, even small children in Borneo who have never even heard of Jesus?” It’s a small world for some and a cloistered one for others who are not so bright.

“If it says so in the Bible…” Beth agrees blindly with this woman as “it must be true” since everything in that book is perfection even down to the fact the dinosaurs only became extinct about a couple or thousand years before Christ! The internet says so just like it says all sorts of stupid things such as the fact radiometric dating is invalid. Try speed dating and draw your own conclusions about the power of prophesy/prophecy. The Wicker Tree is another Christian horror movie but the bad guys aren’t necessarily the Christians as it is the local ‘pagans’ who have degenerated into hunting … Most Dangerous Game being the one who is led to believe there is a great prize of being crowned Laddy at the end of it all, or Crowned King Cock. I guess it’s bait for those too holy to be true. It’s the antithesis of ‘psychic whispers’ which led to a Monster’s Ball and driving off into the night. I can resist a ball like a good dog/dog today since I am no longer irresistible. Purity is tested like gold along with conventional wedding vows in The Wicker Tree … The sordid malevolence of the rich on the Mainland of Scotland instead of Summerisle is one where journalists are trained to ask certain questions at media conferences just like the loaded ones presented to politicians in Parliament … Sad but the dice/die are loaded or so it may seem, so enjoy each day loving yourself or your partner, or an animal. Some are spoilt for choice and make the wrong decision. Think your own way to freedom and happiness.

Gravity (2013) trailer
Little Abdullah was ripe for the picking
Nice female virago title and Aussie feminist text
Christina Stead deserved the Nobel Prize and not Patrick White

There’s a joke of a queer/eccentric character with a pet raven who quotes Edgar Allen Poe/Pi while the hungry vagina worth respecting doles out happiness among the young men as some counterpoint to the unchecked virago of those hungry vaginas which exist and who don’t care for the trifles of youthful true love and wish to trample any sign of inner and outer happiness. It’s a bit like an ‘inny’ and an ‘outy’ in terms of the vital statistics of the phenomena of belly buttons… The pagans tell the evil witches to go peddle their unhappiness elsewhere… another island!

“When it comes to the clitoris, they think it’s an island off Greece,” says Honeysuckle to those ‘wham bam and thank you mam’ young male types who are unable to sustain an erection after only one ejaculation. We were all young once… This scene is followed by the song Cherry Ripe before it was a chocolate bar as we ponder the beauty of such women.

Poor Steve is oblivious to the community which surrounds him as Sir Lachlan’s wife possibly realises: “Where did all your hair go?” and also ponders the question of her husband’s inner motives in terms of business and the hunt for the Laddy.

The film relates to rising infertility rates in some areas where poisons have been dealt to those who consume them without realising what they are doing… And the water table and fracking are related to ‘power and money’ in that sense too. It’s all about hypocrisy and celebrity and sexual prowess as women who wish for babies cannot have them. Let nature take its course is the pagan way of love possibly creating a baby as a part of a union. Love is the main thing rather than the longing to fill that space with a partner once the thrill is gone… For men to be good is a struggle sometimes when you’re young. You can find a fetish or two can lead you astray… and see yourself looking in the wrong places. But it was always about a ring for me…

Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
The rings of conspiracy. It’s on the billboard! Here in a scene from The Wicker Tree (2011)
Note the same symbol on the prophesy of technology in This Island Earth (1955)

As I watch this movie, in the back ground I can hear the council workmen talk as they carry out their physical labour/labors – May Day! – as opposed to a woman’s labor/labour day and the AC/DC title of ‘Labor’ Day in the United States, I also hear the sound of a crow as it laughs in perfect response to the sound of the crow on the screen in The Wicker Man who doesn’t belong to anyone despite being a pet of some ‘kook’. Such is synchronicity and God withing your island home. When I see the crows in the street and in the trees laugh I tell them: “Yes, feel free to take my eyes when I die as they are the tastiest morsal for you” … I refuse to reread Po/Poe’s The Raven “Quoth not” as the planet and people are poisoned by pharmaceutical companies and mining companies out to make a mint in dividends as the rich get richer… blah blah blah! And I will also remind you as you read this, and you suspend the reality within you that there is perhaps not God/is a God and if there is, it is contained within you and all around you in terms of nature and the words that are written – the essential thing is that if you do believe in the divine force of something, you don’t have to read only the ‘fiction’ of the Bible … transcending the legend of Christ is a form of enlightenment in yourself and even within the boundaries of a Christian community where hypocrisy has become as obvious as calling women who someone’s possibly tripped or is fallen in your eyes in terms of sexual addiction a Magdalene! It’s not wrong to question your own belief system and grow ‘beyond belief’ as an individual.

Sir Lachlan and The Wicker Tree (2011)
The Salmon of Knowledge/The Sum of All Knowledge
Director of the Wicker movies Robin Hardy

“What’s the Laddy/Laddie?” asks Steve in his pre-programmed/pre-programed male-centric world where Adam and Steve for him was never an option.

Honeysuckle says: “He’s the brightest, the best, the handsomest, the kindest…” and he is all these things in a man. He is the possibility of a good man for a woman and he may only have one of these traits but he can cultivate them all in her mind as well as his own. That’s the beauty of true love. Am I a left-handed and right side of the brain lesbian or something as I drink the ‘fluid’ of red wine and watch television/movies? “Don’t go near there!” as Robin Williams said in Good Morning, Vietnam (1987).

Despite Honeysuckle having her own deity of a ‘Goddess’ as a part of her inner belief… The whole thing becomes subjective in terms of male/female worship of their own inner god as opposed to one organised by the local bible salesmen. Steve calls Honeysuckle a ‘whore’ just as I foolishly used the word ‘poison’ on my lover for weeping after great sex … I was a callow youth for not being sensitive to her pagan beliefs and love of the Laddy. The spiritual is female in Honeysuckle while the earth is the sexual Laddy.

Poor Beth makes the mistake of saying Jesus was better than Rob Roy in Scotland as she goes on to say that Christ intended people to “love everyone but yourself” which was a bit silly and such is the reality of ‘you’ll go blind’ along with the hypocrisy of the rich who pay lip service to Christ… There are still those who seem to queerly follow the teachings of the Bible as a source of solace for an uncaring male-centric world. They are incurably shackled to Christ.

Conan Doyle’s The Lost World is my favourite of all time!
Dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago?
Yes, they did!
So make your voice heard!

Heaven forbid that a Judeo-Christian socialist society exists with all the technology of Japan, Korea and China as a central part of their own community where computers/people put together a Smart tv like the two men put together the Interocitir in This Island Earth (1955). My tv is Korean. Some Chinese cars are on Western freeways these days along with my Korean car. Two men putting together an item from Ikea seems to be a Scandinavian rich man’s joke… or a housewife’s dream.

It should be noted that the billionaire Rupert Murdoch whose family kept a house in Adelaide where News Limited/Corporation was born has Chinese-Eurasian daughters and he studied at Oxford University where the AstraZeneca vaccine was developed and where Honeysuckle Weeks also studied. People forget that they used to call Rupert – ‘Red Rupert’ back in the day for his socialist views. Has Rupert forgotten his own youth? He was even possibly named after the poet Rupert Brooke (1887-1915 sepsis) a name his father Keith Murdoch (1885-1952) possibly became acquainted with while in Gallipoli. And that reminds me of a ghost story we read as kids in primary school named Fisher’s Ghost…

But back to the local woman who entertains Beth and Eve with talk of lifting a man’s kilt and a lodge where men formerly hunted: “They tried to ban all that. Fishing’ll be next they say … too painful for the little fish.” It’s a worry, as they say you can hear a fresh Brussels sprout scream when it is thrown into boiling water and that no one hears a scream of a tree as it falls in the forest. “In Space no one hears you scream” Is the tag-line on my ‘Alien’ t-shirt.

Yes, check out these two movies as I like them very much for their frankness. And I can relate to being on the spectrum like Elon Musk when he said that if you plan to be an astronaut going to Mars: “You’ll probably die” and after watching the (was it a RatPac?) hit movie Gravity (2013) the other night I don’t doubt it as man wasn’t meant to live in space and the view is just as good on your large screen tv – even YouTube has some great vistas of Mars to look at… you don’t need to go there!

One last pearl of wisdom from The Wicker Tree and that is the fleeting appearance of Christopher Lee in one of his last roles as possibly Lord Summerisle himself and the father/grandfather figure to Sir Lachlan who asks: “Can fate be changed?” – just like God knows there’s a ‘666’ on your scalp and the number of hairs on your head, if you have any, as Sir Lachlan is bald. Lachlan has been questioned by his wife as to his motives as a businessman and a community leader. Summerisle says that every religion has asked this question – and death says ‘No’ apparently – “But we keep trying” he tells his loved one/teenager as Sir Lachlan grows up to hunt down and steer the Laddies through manipulation along with past pretenders to their fate. ‘They’ are one and the same now as Summerisle/the elderly gentleman understands that true sacrifices are made within the community and for family for the sake of the better good … “There may be a knighthood in it for you, son,” he almost winked about the inner ‘Laddy’ as opposed to forgetting him innocent self in a life consumed by personal gain and power and sex. Which side were you rooting for is just as relevant as which side are you batting against … And youthful passion can be reignited in old age along with the fate of the world being steered onto a period of future happiness… without ‘them’!

International court of justice symbol
You will die, like others before you! Musk warned us just like in The Evil Dead!!
Some kind of phallic symbol. Call off the race and donate to charity!

It’s that dream/nightmare of the socialist paradise becoming worldwide as each nation separated by geography and race and language struggle to form their own promised land for their own people in the wake of Covid. And yet those that are more equal than others in terms of money still snort: “All you win is a pig” but they forget Animal Farm began with a wise old pig who died and left everyone unable to grow further and mature properly with the wisdom that all animals are equal…. Almost like Christ was portrayed… “And then!” to quote the Chinese takeaway in the underrated Dude, Where’s my Car? (2000). The life of a pig is a lesson that a happy fourteen-year-old like me was yet to learn as he brushed himself off and got on with learning to be a good citizen who once aspired to be a filmmaker… A logical thinking one in terms of the song by Supertramp… Thank God for the movies and popular culture and the socialism of the Commonwealth. You CAN change your fate and the fate of the world with a little help from your friends and family. Careful next time you gossip or toss insults out of church as the waiter/waitress may not like it and give you the poo finger … As I keep the Aspidistra Flying for you as some let their Merry War continue or come to an end… myself still possibly still just another AC/DC joke to and for aspiring and struggling poets, artists, film-makers and Orwellians … “Are you the farmer?!” to quote that great black Shakespearian comedian Richard E. Grant from Withnail & I (1987) which was a film I saw with former fellow university chum and conservative Chinese-Irish Florida-born Patrick about whom I suffered “penis envy” as Woody Allen said in the Marshall Brickman (1939-) collaboration Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) about the Alan Alda character: “He suffers from it so.” Patrick was also gifted intellectually. Thanks to Crazy Rich Asians this guy did me a favour all those years ago through his marital embrace of the church pillar as opposed to Vidal’s The City and the Pillar. And what are the four pillars? As any Robin Williams fan will know it’s all about education and loving your work and your life. Gore Vidal diminished his own legend in the end by trying too hard to conceal the truth of his love of a vital statistic… Others still find him sage despite his lingering bitterness.

A rich old gentleman with his Laddy
Poet Rupert Brooke
Either way, we’ve won! Enjoy the game for the love of it.
The tattoo and symbol at the heart of Anon is some Norse myth which led a rabble under the direction of Donald Trump to raid Washington. Nazis!
Are You the Photographer? If ‘Nevermind’ can show a circumcised baby then I can show you this photo of myself taken innocently in the bathtub and printed in August 1971. I was four and about to be taken to Alice Springs by my maternal grandfather. My parents got rid of every other incriminating photo in a panic. The shame. Can Kodak be trusted? Can I pose like this, or like this for you? Michael Palin’s advice at the end of The meaning of life is sage. Such a fuss…. and that’s the meaning of life? go on, go on… read some more.
September 1971 and I was like an innocent French child taken on The Ghan to Alice!
And this little man was dressed in his yellow t-shirt and and black shorts and initiated into Indigenous culture, the secret men’s business already performed and forever performed… creating the Angel Bris which forever ringed my soul. I hunted and gathered pieces of broken glass and rocks and even a piece of a 45rpm record… My Pa told me to hide them in the bush beside the motel in Alice where I forgot them. But never the pure memories… I remember I wanted to pee among the ant mounds like a man and my Pa said: “Look out the blue tongue lizard doesn’t bite it off!” and left me to my own secret business… the beginning of my own walkabout.
Brown shorts the next…. Do the locomotion with me!
The position of the sun and perfect timing is necessary for all things to come to pass… An American western otherwise with ‘horses’ racing through to escape their fate comes to mind with this NT photo … taken by my pagan grandfather as a part of my further initiation
A church in the Northern Territory in September 1971 complete with open doors and a VW parked outside… The Reformation of Saul’s Dreaming/Sleeper and the horrors of Akka/dakka was planned and has now come to pass…
And there you have the sum of all fears!

And as for my new local hero and Greek/Malay tennis player Nick Kyrgios (1995-) I now think I understand him and he understands himself a bit better when he cried out centre-court: “All we get is to cut the cord!” about his home country. THAT hug and true respect of that beautiful girl Venus Williams couldn’t be missed or misunderstood. Yes, there really was once a higher intelligence in Greece known as Pythagoras and you don’t have to be smart to know about his secret society and ‘the transmigration of souls’ along with the power of that spark of energy and the Greek God Zeus. The druids lived in another nation but paganism is everywhere as it is practised and remains latent in the individuals who prefer to believe in Christianity.

We look at pagan rituals of sexual abuse of The Family/the family in suburbia and possibly solve another riddle in The Garden of Allah in PART THREE.

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