The Strange Case and Delusion of The Boys from Brazil (1978)

*contains spoilers

Am I a child of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945 suicide)? Or am I born from his DNA harvested back in the early to mid-1930s? Was it harvested by Allies with a future plan or by Nazi scientists themselves? Or am I child of Elvis Presley (1934-77 heart attack) born also from Adolf’s DNA and his son or himself Elvis’ DNA? They are fanciful notions which struck me during my recent incarceration and the madness involved and brought alive by the movie The Boys from Brazil (1978).

The Boys from Brazil (1978) poster
Adolf Hitler’s nose looks like …
… Elvis Presley’s nose…. damning evidence! Tee hee

The Boys from Brazil is possibly one of the first movies to deal with cloning and am I a clone or should I just go throw on that old Streisand movie Hello Dolly and go to bed and start counting cloned sheep named, well, Dolly! This notion of the possibility of clones grew strongly in my head as I was driven further into possible complete insanity… as I watched over the years boys and young men going back to my second incarceration in 2001 seemed to be harvested from my own DNA … but this all faded away this year into the background as if totally impossible. But for a time there this conspiracy of which I felt I had been made the centre of became strong in my mind and the evidence seemed to support it… at least in terms of movies and even porn sites. I with the dark blue eyes and black hair by the time I was in my 20s. Am I inherently evil as a result? Is that why I have turned into a leper? Forgotten? Look at Elvis and Adolf’s nose and they are similar. Mine is a blend of someone else.

Dolly the Sheep (1996-2005) was advertised as the first clone.
The Island (2005) was about cloning
Some kid with a cowlick around the time he first saw The Boys from Brazil

“Look at your cowlick,” my mother would tell me as she wiped a lock of hair from my forehead when I wasn’t yet ten years old: “You look like Adolf Hitler.” She would also tell me repeatedly that as a baby in my pram I would do the Nazi salute…

So, I spin this review with a lot of fantasy about a planet being seeded by boys and girls who are the children of Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele (1911-79 stroke) all based on the movie The Boys from Brazil which was originally based on a novel by Ira Levin (1929-2007 heart attack) who wrote Rosemary’s Baby and among other things The Stepford Wives, which is about replicant ‘perfect’ wives who replace the imperfect human ones. A visionary writer.

I am not Adolf Hitler and I would not kill millions of people for some damned reason… but if you pushed me too far, like anybody I probably would… I mean nobody’s as perfect as a Stepford son or child who has been given too many tough breaks. Or wild animal trapped and tortured once too often.

The real Josef Mengele
Author Ira Levin wrote a few memorable novels
Laurence Olivier as a Nazi hunter in The Boys From Brazil (1978)

Meanwhile let’s look at the movie which stars a few classic actors including Sir Laurence Olivier (1907-89 kidney failure), who was nominated for an Oscar for his role in this movie as a Simon Wiesenthal type Jewish Nazi hunter, Gregory Peck (1916-2003 in sleep) as the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele at the centre of the scheme to breed new Adolf Hitlers and James Mason (1909-84 heart attack) as another Nazi who is a part of the web to create a Fourth Reich. Mason even dares to shut down Mengele’s plan which is hidden somewhere in the jungle somewhere in South America… But what more ingenious a plan but to impregnate women around the world in the 1960s in countries such as England and the United States? And associated Allied nations?

My maternal grandfather was born the very same week as Josef Mengele albeit on opposite sides of the world and when I asked him about his mortality, he would tell me he always thought he would die aged 67 which is the age the real Mengele died. My grandfather looked like James Mason and was an actor as well…. In the movie the fathers of the boys cloned from Hitler who are all about 12 or 14 years old must die aged 65 so “the boys” may suffer the same psychic experience of loss and thus grow up with the same personality traits as Adolf Hitler. Perhaps I am evil and unable to be good… but I never lost parents at an early age like Adolf… However, if there ever was a real conspiracy the Boys from Brazil should they exist have been left to grow up every which way but loose and into any child, adolescent and adult over generations.

Gregory Peck as Josef Mengele in The Boys from Brazil
Sadly I’m not well built in any department… abject failure
Mengele and the twins conspiracy

There are even possibly Girl’s from Brazil as even Scarlett Johansson (1984-) – the was in The Island – looks like a girl I went to high school with and who I had a fling… not saying I’m the father but this girl worked in a secret defence laboratory and was rather up herself. I love Scarlett though. Her possible mother lived in the Glenelg area.

The conspiracy in the book and movie that blood and tissue was taken from Adolf Hitler to create an early form of cloning is possible and the beauty of it is that if I were Adolf and not the only one on the planet… It is highly possible that Mengele also cloned himself and you can recognise a Mengele by the gapped tooth and I’m guessing brown eyes as opposed to the Hitler dark blue eyes and hair. When I thought back to high school and my friend Scott looked like a Mengele with brown eyes and teeth with gaps. And for that also my sister had the appearance of a Mengele… I had never really made the comparison before… She who led me across a train line where a train missed me by inches as I chased her on my bike in a bluster… but I did not miss the blank look on her face as if my death would have meant nothing. So, a Mengele can be just as awful as a Hitler, or as nice.

The Island (2005) poster
A book about Mengele’s horror
Director Franklin J. Schaffner on the set of Planet of the Apes

The director of the movie is Franklin J. Schaffner (1920-89) who made Planet of the Apes (1968) and won a Best Director Oscar for Patton (1970). It’s amazing that Boys was nominated for three Oscars as it is really a Penny Dreadful trashy type of movie which is almost camp were the idea behind it no so believable as the years have come to pass.

To look at how evil Gregory Peck’s Mengele was during World War Two and long before that, this killer was associated with the Auschwitz concentration camp. Notorious for his work on twins, especially gypsy twins, Mengele’s extensive torture of children in the concentration camp included injecting a blue dye into the eyes of them to make them have an Aryan look. They show such a thing in the movie. At the end of the war, Mengele fled Germany for Argentina thanks to a network of SS members. He then went on to live in Brazil… The wonder such a man could escape the notice of the Allies until his death in a pool from a stroke in 1979 is amazing. However, how deep does the conspiracy go as it is perhaps possible that blood was taken earlier than 1937 when it is said that Mengele joined the Nazi party… Enter Elvis Presley, and I may as well talk about aliens in this article or how he lives in a penthouse in Las Vegas… Elvis had dark blue eyes, black hair and a nose similar to Adolf… as I have mentioned. Was it another secret conspiracy of the Freemasons? Or some other secret society in coalition?

Twins who survived Mengele’s experiments
Cheapie clone movie

Go back to the movie and babies were gifted to couples suitable to raise their child as a Hitler… Or were babies swapped, were the babies born as twins separated at birth? … Oh My God, is this another Masonic plot? And am I an Elvis baby? Was Elvis himself swapped somewhere along the way despite being born into poverty – remember, he was a twin!

But I am straying from the movie. I am left-handed whereas Elvis and Adolf were right. I like to note that the Nazis loved their Roman and Greek Gods and that they were sometimes portrayed as left-handed in statues. I have seen a picture of my doppelganger in a news file in my early 20s. He was spent on drugs and sex. At least I thought he could have been my twin. But as I say, this is all just a supposed conspiracy a nightmare borne each time from being locked up and drugged heavily with people who were sometimes but perhaps not quite as mad as myself. Speaking of Scarlett Johansson, it was during my 2001 incarceration that I thought the actors Nicholas Hoult (1989-) from England and Tyler Hoechlin (1987-) from The Road to Perdition were Boys from Brazil born from my blood perhaps simply due to the fact I had no children and would possibly also ever have any. The last incarceration had me think the actress Ruby Rose was a Girl from Brazil… It’s all probably wishful thinking …

Cancel culture? Or just plain madness?
Jeremy Black as an Adolf or Elvis clone in The Boys from Brazil
Peter Sellers ad Adolf Hitler in Hard Beds, Soft Battles (1973)

I was taken to see The Boys from Brazil by my father when I was eleven years old and was impressed by it. My Mengele friend Scott would watch it and we’d laugh at the Swedish dam scene where one of the Adolf ‘fathers’ was pushed off the edge only to plummet so far as to scream his lungs out almost three times.

“I hear you were done and were a dude,” Elvis mumbles into the camera as me makes his way from backstage in some of the meandering footage for Elvis: That’s Just the Way it is (1970) as if he was talking about one of his illegitimate sons somewhere around the world… I would have been aged four. I listened to this clip several times and then after four months when my phone was taken away from me, it was changed for another clip of the same scene WITH subtitles…. It was deleted for some reason. Was it because I had disgraced the names of Adolf Hitler and Elvis Presley? Thus, was the feeling of a conspiracy around the Elvis-Adolf connection…. And my paranoid self. All I can say is it is lonely at the bottom where I started and as far as I know still remain. The conspiracy seems to point at some ring of the internet covering itself while people make rings to avoid me. It is quite sad.

The boy who plays a number of Adolf clones in the movie is Jeremy Black and he is eerily effective as his eyes are given contacts of dark blue while his hair is dyed black with a cowlick. He is an actor who never went on to do further work but once you have played the progeny of the Fuhrer who needs to act further. It’s almost a neurosis I have suffered from these past several months. If Adolf was my father, he would have had me shot or put in Auschwitz with Mengeles at the wheel. The place I was put three times now was reminiscent of a concentration camp and I wasn’t even allowed to go for a walk. People laugh but they do not know what it was like day in and day out.

German-Jewish actress Lilli Palmer
Lilli Palmer with Olivier and Vivien Leigh and John Pierre Aumont in Portofino
Palmer and Olivier in The Boys from Brazil

The cast in the movie also has Lilli Palmer (1914-86 abdominal cancer) as Olivier’s partner and Steve Guttenberg of the Police Academy movies as a young Jewish man tracking down the Nazis in Paraguay and then Brazil. Then there is another German actress in Uta Hagen (1919-2004 complications of stroke) who plays a former concentration camp guard who was involved in the scheme …. And Denholm Elliott (1922-92 AIDS), John Dehner (1915-92 emphysema and diabetes) and Anne Meara (1929-2016 multiple strokes). It’s a great cast and it must be noted that Meara is the mother of actor and comedian Ben Stiller (1967-) who was born the same year as myself… and one must ponder the question, is Stiller a Boy from Brazil with his dark hair and blue eyes? One of a number of the boys, some who went on to greatness, like Stiller, while others are destined for perhaps penury if not loneliness and alienation like myself? Then there are those in the community who died… I possibly had a twin who is dead… I live in disgrace like Adolf and it there is very little left to celebrate… But I continue to talk in conspiratorial riddles and fictions. This is after all a fanciful article.

The Road to Perdition (2002) trailer
Hoechlin in The Road to Perdition… I had always wanted to name my son Tyler
Montana Jordon… another example of the sons who were never born
Am I a terminal narcissist?

My paranoid delusion about the Boy from Brazil at the time Tyler Hoechlin (1987-) went as far to include the movie he starred in. This handsome young actor starred as Michael Sulllivan Jr. in The Road to Perdition (2002) and his name in that movie uses the first name of my father and the surname of his good friend who helped raise myself and my buddies the Sullivan boys. Was it just an attraction to Hoechlin as a childish narcissist or like a father admiring his son? Once again in my later incarceration I was paranoid enough to think the handsome Young Sheldon actor Montana Jordan (2003) was a Boy from Brazil related by blood. Just to show that they aren’t or wouldn’t want to be related – they’ve never sent money home! Tee-hee!!

There was no point in me having a child and no woman would have a Boy from Brazil like me anyway… What I have learned is that a non-circumcidere relative with dark blue eyes and dark hair is what they want now anyway… My looks and mind are passe along with the fact I am a useless circumcidere…. Back when the delusion was still at its height I would be told in Italian restaurants or in Latino company, that they all want a boy like my relative, especially in Latino countries and so The Boys from Brazil may become a Nazi group of perfecto boys yet again and lead the world out of its hopeless malaise…  sadly, I’m not bright or good looking enough and neither is the world. I once dreamt of a socialist peace on Earth at one stage but was twisted by the media which was at my fingertips as well as those who were around me… owned by magnates and politicians, it was then I became a monster, while so-called algorithms directed and pumped news and porn into my head to mind-bending and disturbing dimensions. I don’t mind as I now know how every sex on the planet does it but as a Boy from Brazil, I think I have been corrupted as well as corrupted myself… Is this only natural for the child of an Alpha male like Adolf?

Can some people read minds? Can others project thoughts but are unable to read them?
Was General Rommel’s mind read? Was it a weapon in Nazi Germany?
Gregory Peck was a wonderful actor, he’d just done The Omen (1976)
Gregory Peck and James Mason in The Boys from Brazil

I was at the casino on the Gold Coast and as I know of the possibility of certain people having their minds read – he we go, it’s fiction time again! – and one man read mine as it often is, especially by women in groups: “A pure alpha,” said the man of Asian appearance. The thing is I can freely transmit thoughts (I wish I could stop them) to those who are receptive, but I cannot receive them and so I take medications rather than face a mind which is turned totally to mush by ECT or incredibly strong drugs… but don’t listen if you don’t believe such things. It’s not necessarily a good thing being a pure alpha as there are those who can take advantage in a negative sense… and torture. Was Adolf an individual whose thoughts could possibly be read by others? Or could he read thoughts as well? Such was possibly the key to his “success”. He could spot a traitor from several metres away!

Gregory Peck was a great actor and before he made this movie, he starred in The Omen (1976) and The Boys from Brazil is possibly his last really good starring role. In between, Peck played American General Douglas MacArthur in MacArthur (1977). His Mengele with his dyed dark hair and moutache doesn’t mind taking out other Nazis even on ballroom floors and the climactic scene with Olivier and Peck and a pack of Doberman dogs in impressive. The final scene has been reinstated where the young boy from Brazil studies a gory photograph he has taken from the scene.

So, did I have a latent voice like Elvis Presley? Was or is my mind manipulated by evil others who make me do things I really didn’t plan to make a greater part of my life? Perhaps that’s the Nazi way? Have I been ruined by my reputation for both evil and being born from evil? Is free will really possibly in my case or is it always being manipulated by environment on my iPhone and Smart TV? And other people who crawl into your brain and use it as a crawlspace where they tell you who you should think of fu*king and destroy you at the same time.

The Boys from Brazil (1978) trailer
Just desserts in a classic scene: “Action… Cut… Print!” or something horrific
Is Elvis Presley a clone of sorts of Adolf Hitler and does Presley have countless clones around the world?
No matter who they are some kids grow up to adults that are just not wanted as lovers or partners no matter who their parents are
Do they really exist?

Thus, the Earth is doomed to repeat its mistakes and it is the rich who can read minds in the boardrooms as they horde their billions and deny a world without poverty and true equality. If so, then I give myself the honour to be the martyr that everyone always wants, one that is flawed enough for the general public not to truly identify with and yet not totally repulsive enough to be described as a total demon for past deeds. This martyr doesn’t even qualify as that and is instead forgotten and perhaps doomed to repeat his own mistakes (!) again and again. To know you are a Boy from Brazil is shown to be a kind of good thing at the end of the movie where the activation of the inner Adolf in the thirteen-year-old boy happens and there is the kind of scalp of Mengele in the form of the jaguar claw bracelet taken as ‘Bobby’ stares at pictures he has taken of his dog ripping the throat out of one character. I don’t believe I am such an bloody arsehole.

Even poor Franz Leibkind (centre) ended up alone

Instead, I like to think back to my friend Scott/Mengele when we were twelve years old. We were such great friends for several years. Two boys who laughed and constantly giggled and had a good time especially at the back of the class. It was destined that we should meet than and perhaps later on we would meet again! Or has that time passed like the conspiracy that no longer haunts my mind and is now exorcised by this article.

“Not many people know it, but The Fuhrer was a terrific dancer,” said a Nazi character named Franz Liebkind in The Producers (1968). As I said this is purely a review and a work of speculative fiction…

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