My Cult Movie: “I like that it has shades of a revenge movie…”

*contains spoilers

Name: Judi
Age: 60
Occupation: Public Servant
Favourite Movie: Legally Blonde (2001)
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair and Matthew Davis.

First Saw It: I don’t think I saw it at the movies, so it must have been on video cassette.

Legally Blonde poster

Plot: A perky young woman goes to Harvard Law School to win her ex-boyfriend but then discovers she has the talent to become a successful lawyer.

Judi Says: I like the fact she forges ahead in her life choices and that she is different but is confidently unaware of it. I like that it has shades of a revenge movie because she is determined to succeed against those who doubt her ability. I adore Bruiser her Chihuahua having had a Chihuahua that I loved. Reese Witherspoon gives a great performance and I love the court scene where she used her hairdressing knowledge to get the guilty party while maintaining her professional persona as a lawyer. It’s very funny. I admire her friendship with Paulette and the funny aspects of the hairdressing business such when Reese shows Paulette “bend and snap”, the routine to entice men who don’t notice her. And then I like when she helped Paulette reclaim her dog from her ex using her legal skills. I guess it was such a strong character overcoming those sneering at her and she, actually, in growing as a person, no longer wanted her ex and moved onto a different life. I’ve seen the movie eight or ten times and the stage show twice and the movie quite easily moved into a musical. As for Legally Blonde 2, it was great to see her skills extended and the Chihuahua still a great feature.

Legally Blonde (2001) trailer

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